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Lighting Control

Integrated Lighting Systems

An integrated lighting system allows you to personalize the lighting in your home to suit your lifestyle. Instead of turning on or off a single light, lights can work together in any combination. Imagine all the lighting throughout your home working together to light up pathways from the garage to bedrooms, illuminating the home from a garage door remote, setting vacation modes to automatically operate lighting for a sense of presence while you are away, or setting dimming levels on lights to conserve energy in turn lengthening the life of your bulbs.

Setting the Mood

Guest are on their way over for the evening and with a simple press of the Entertain scene on your Home Automation System you can light up the exterior of your home and dim lights throughout the interior. Gone are the days of walking through the home flipping switches to create the mood. Paths are lit to the kitchen for a midnight snack, your home is shut down for the evening with the press of the Goodnight scene, the home is lit up to begin the day with a simple press of the Good Morning button. All this can be done easily with the addition of a lighting control system.

Multi Use Control

Lighting keypads can be utilized for multiple functions in addition to lighting. Lower the shades, change the temperature, turn on the pool, and play your favorite playlist over the speakers. Complete integration of the home is handled effortlessly.

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