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Shades And Doors

Motorized shades and curtains can be integrated in your home to easily to create privacy or manage temperature throughout the day. Shades can automatically close in the living room when the afternoon sun reaches a certain temperature, bedroom shades can lower at night when ready for bed, or raised slowly in the morning to wake you up to the new day.

Integrated door locks allow the next level of security for your home. For ease of mind your kids can have their own code, that when entered, notifies you by text message of their arrival. The house can be awakened with your favorite music and lighting scene when you arrive home in the evening. Maid’s can have a code that only works on their designated cleaning day from 8-5. With automated control and custom user access codes you can easily track who has access to your home, when they are allowed in, and remove the need altogether for keys that can easily be copied.

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