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Surveillance System, CCTV

Installing security cameras is much more than just watching a live image. Modern surveillance systems allow for remote viewing on your cell phone from anywhere in the world for both live and recorded images. View images from the front door when the doorbell rings automatically while watching a movie in your theater.

Alarm Systems

Security Alarms and Automation Systems can now work together. By integrating alarm systems, activities can be triggered. The entire home can be illuminated in the event of a break-in, light paths to the kitchen can be illuminated when entering with groceries, and all the televisions, lights, and music in the home shutting off just by arming the alarm keypad.

Remote Monitoring and Access Control

When traveling, remote access allows you to check in on the home thru the live cameras, the front door can be unlocked from your phone to allow a visitor to enter easily, and the garage door can be shut from your office if accidentally left open.

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